Weather is a central force in the energy and utility industries. Weather data and imagery are being used to ensure safety of employees in the field, predict demand shifts, and optimize their capabilities so they can meet the needs of customers, shareholders and regulators.
The focus areas include weather mapping & asset management, demand-side management, energy trading & load management, and severe weather monitoring.
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The solution provides utilities and energy companies enhanced weather observations and forecast including critical data related to natural disaster/ hazard preparedness. For energy  companies, it is mostly used for input for demand forecasting, weather monitoring, load centers temperature insight, research for extreme events causing extreme loss, plant operations, and HR risk reduction.

The solution may include setting up a Internet of Things (IOT) network, this can be a smart weather camera, automated weather stations, lightning detection sensors, and more.

The solution is offered as a service model integrated to Komunidad’s set of applications.


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