Taguig City Awards COVID-19 Crowd Density Monitoring Project to Komunidad Global Pte Ltd

The City of Taguig has awarded a COVID-19 Crowd Density Monitoring project to Komunidad Global Pte Ltd (“Komunidad”).

The project is an effort to provide the city government with a “street eye view” of crowds or congregations that computes if these are in violation of quarantine or crowd distancing protocols. Komunidad will use Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology by ThingsPH, an AI solutions provider.

“Komunidad’s sensors will be able to take photos of the streets every 5 minutes during the daytime, detecting any mass gatherings and alerting local officials. This project with the Government of Taguig will support its endeavors to combat the pandemic and Komunidad is pleased to join in these efforts,” says founder and CEO, Felix Ayque.

Komunidad will also configure a web-based Artificial Intelligence platform using the technology of ThingsPH. Each sensor activated online will be processed by the Artificial Intelligence platform and Dashboards with Crowd Insights and Alerts/Notifications will be available to the command center of Taguig City for analysis and enforcement.


For further information, please contact:

Nikki Requiero

Community Director






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