Monitoring and Early Warning Services Suite

Using advanced data analytics tools and integrated communication systems, Komunidad helps businesses and communities at risk to stay ahead of adverse climate impacts and utilize critical environmental data so they can plan for a smart and safe course of action.
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Make critical climate-related decisions on the fly

Real-time Monitoring and Early Warning

We support governments and environmental-critical industries with the best datasets to increase their capacity to understand, predict and provide early warning to multiple recipients and stakeholders. Our predefined data sets will help you improve the way you interpret, assess and disseminate severe weather and other critical parameters.

Multiple Delivery Platforms

Alerts are disseminated through various messaging channels, such as email, SMS, Viber, apps and other platforms. This solution is designed to help you manage the flow of information among multiple recipients and stakeholders in a timely and efficient manner.

Analysis and Thresholds

We process data and customize alert thresholds for smart and efficient alerting aligned with your specific operational needs.

Custom Alert Templates

We deliver fully customized alerts to ensure that the information presented meets your criteria and preference.

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