Climate Adaptation Suite

Helping governments and environment-critical industries enhance their climate adaptation capabilities so they can manage the effects of climate change.
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Strengthen your climate adaptation strategies

Pre-Disaster Risk Assessment

Risk assessment reports are automatically generated, which include localized risk analysis of tropical cyclones, rain and other critical parameters. We turn environmental data into tailored analysis, guidance and recommendations that support critical decisions to minimize the risks in the event of natural disasters.

Real-time Monitoring and Early Warning

We provide web and mobile applications that allow governments and citizens to systematically receive timely and relevant information related to severe weather and other critical parameters, enabling them to make critical decisions and take important measures. Our solution also provides smart dissemination through modern messaging platforms like email, SMS, Viber and more.

Smart City Tools

We offer advanced options to easily connect you with critical environmental data through sensors and wearables, such as weather stations, flood sensors, outdoor alerting systems, IOT devices and wearable tech (smart glasses) among others.

Post-Disaster Financing

Being adaptive to the fast-changing landscape of environmental risks requires businesses and communities to have the financial tools that will enable them to respond quickly in the wake of a natural disaster. Our parametric solutions allow for transparent, timely and flexible risk management, so you can quickly disburse funds for response and recovery operations.

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