Simple, Scalable and Impactful

Environmental intelligence platform that delivers meaningful insight to drive growth in a changing climate.


Environmental intelligence tailor-fit to your business & community needs

The Komunidad platform is your go-to source of intelligent environmental data anywhere you are in the world. Our platform allows you to build the most suitable decision support tools by choosing relevant data and turning them into actionable insights. 

Our platform is used to build solutions for operational efficiency within public and private sectors, protection of people and assets, disaster risk management and regulatory response. We’re helping our clients power their decision-making capabilities, providing them the upper-hand to uncover, understand and act on perceived challenges brought about by environmental factors. 

Codeless, Drag-and-Drop Builder

Our platform features a drag-and-drop interface that allows you to easily connect the systems you want in place and build your own virtual control room. You can create a sophisticated, tailor-fit dashboard without having to write a single line of code, as well as combine different datasets and visualize results into various formats.


You can choose to build and deploy your own solution, select one of our pre-built templates for specific verticals, or use only specific modules such as widgets, reports, alerts, web pages and native mobile applications.

Integrate everything

We have the capability to support a range of data formats that can be easily ingested in our platform. From digital to physical assets, our platform is flexible enough to be scaled up and down for your future requirements.

Customizable, buildable

Fully-customizable and configurable to your specific needs. We can build end-to-end solutions that allow integration with different data sources and third-party technology. Our team of experts have an in-depth understanding of the industries our solutions are designed for, allowing us to deliver the information you need right where and when you need it.


Enabling future-ready industries

Komunidad aims to make weather, climate and environmental response quick and easy for businesses and communities.

Our platform serves as a hub where industry leaders and decision-makers can access timely, secured and quality-assured environmental data specific to their needs, and to uncover insights on how they can adapt and thrive in the face of environmental changes.




Make your own decision support tools by setting up multiple workspaces, widget dashboards, reports and alerts. Below is an example of a workspace that has a map, graph and table widget.


Our widget library allows you to view historical, real-time and forecast intelligence in table, graph, map and custom formats. You can setup pre-defined and custom widgets within multiple workspaces in the Platform.


Build your own Geographic Information System (GIS) interface by using maps and parameter layers available in the system. Below is a map widget that involves pre-defined layers available in the Platform.


Send location-based risk analysis report to multiple recipients. Use templates or build your own report via the Report Builder module and schedule automated email deliveries. 


Pick parameters and activate hyperlocal alerting via email, sms, and popular messaging apps such as viber, whatsapp, and more. Below is an example of city interface where recipients from every sub-location gets an alert based on custom parameter thresholds.


We apply a simple design process to help our users build the most suitable decision support tool. We use high quality location-based datasets and deliver applications & insights with flexibility adapting to the needs of our users. 




Identify and use the most important data


Identify coverage area and use the best data quality 


Use applications that user can easily adapt and get the most value


Deliver actionable and timely insights tailored fit to user requirements



Limited Data Parameters
1 Workspace
Limited Widgets
1 Report Template
1 Regular User
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Standard Data Parameters
5 Workspaces
Standard Widgets
1 Report Template
Up to 5 Regular Users
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Industry Data Parameters
10 Workspaces
Premium Widgets & Maps 
5 Report Templates
2 Alert Templates
Report & Alert Customizer
1 Custom Widget 
1 System Admin User
Up to 20 Regular Users
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Full Data Parameters
Unlimited Workspaces
Full Widgets & Maps
Unlimited Report Templates
Unlimited Alert Templates
Report & Alert Customizer
Unlimited Custom Widgets
Unlimited Users
Data Modeling & Ingestion Option
Private Cloud Option
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