Meralco Awards Weather Services Contract To Komunidad Global Pte Ltd

Manila Electric Co. (MERALCO), the largest private-sector electric distribution utility company in the Philippines recently awarded a contract to technology company Komunidad Global Pte Ltd. (Komunidad) via a tender process to provide weather information services and reports automation to MPOWER, MERALCO’s local retail supply arm.

The weather information could help in forecasting electricity demand, include historical, near real-time, and forecast for each of MPOWER’s areas. The report automation will enable MPOWER to have an efficient process in working with multiple sets of data.

Localized weather information is one of the innovative products of Komunidad’s Enterprise Edition and this proved to be critical in forecasting electricity demand. With its pre-defined modules, aggregated datasets and automation capabilities, Komunidad is able to provide information best for multiple branches of operations that is custom fit to MERALCO’s MPOWER.

There is a distinct relationship between weather and energy usage. Unpredictable weather as well as temperature and humidity spikes and drops could affect electricity supply and demand and pricing costs. With forecast coming from global weathermodels and other data, an accurate forecast can now be made available to utility companies as well as to other industries affected by the weather.


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Nikki Requiero
Community Director


Komunidad Global Pte Ltd is a technology company that provides SMART solutions to make everyday life easier, better, and safer for society and enhance the safety and operational efficiency of businesses. Bringing industry solutions thru web and mobile applications and data delivery, Komunidad’s applications include pre-defined modules, dashboards, and reports related to weather, environmental conditions, and natural disasters. Komunidad works with multiple datasets based on the needs of customers, quickly developing new modules and integrating multiple datasets to provide the best and cost-effective solution.


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