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It is imperative that local governments are equipped with additional tools to supplement existing disaster preparedness systems, including enhancement of community disaster preparedness plans.
A community disaster preparedness plan ensures that various government and non- government institutions and its constituents work in the principle of complementarity and in coherence to ensure avoidance or reduction of loss of lives and assets when hazards strike.
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The solution extends the local government’s disaster command center role by empowering their communities, stakeholders, and businesses with sets of applications and critical datasets for natural disaster/hazard preparedness.

The solution may include setting up a Internet of Things (IOT) network for the local government depending on the need, this can be a smart weather camera for location and weather monitoring, smart mosquito surveillance to achieve smart fumigation, water buoys for marine monitoring, and more.

The solution is offered as a service model delivered via a community website & native mobile application (android and ios) for the public/citizens/businesses, and an enterprise application for government stakeholders.


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