SpiceUp Awards Weather & Natural Disaster Information Contract to Komunidad

Komunidad Global Pte Ltd is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a contract by SpiceUp, to supply weather and natural disaster information in their pilot in Dak Nong, Vietnam.

SpiceUp aims to provide geo-data based information services to pepper farmers Vietnam, replicating their success in Indonesia, where pepper farmers face various challenges related to the weather, water availability, and increased incidences of pests and diseases. Through providing information services, the goal is to increase production, income, food security, optimize water, and reduce inputs of fertilizer and pesticides.

Technology today can play a role in many aspects of life including farming and agriculture.
Komunidad’s Enterprise Edition contains pre-defined modules and aggregated datasets that are suited for Spice Up’s goal to provide hyperlocal weather information to farmers in Dak Nong, Vietnam.

Komunidad is committed to supporting organizations with social impact projects around Asia.


For further information, please contact:

Nikki Requiero

Community Director





Komunidad Global Pte Ltd is a technology company that provides SMART solutions to make everyday life easier, better, and safer for society and enhance the safety and operational efficiency of businesses. Bringing industry solutions thru web and mobile applications and data delivery, Komunidad’s applications include pre-defined modules, dashboards, and reports related to weather, environmental conditions, and natural disasters. Komunidad works with multiple datasets based on the needs of customers, quickly developing new modules and integrating multiple datasets to provide the best and cost-effective solution.


SpiceUp is one of the projects under the Geodata for Agriculture and Water (G4AW) program funded by the Netherlands Space Office (NSO). G4AW improves food security in developing countries by using satellite data and has a multitude of projects worldwide.


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