Komunidad Launches Mobile Application for Places That Matter

LEGAZPI CITY/ June 11, 2020 – Komunidad, the technology company that helps businesses and communities manage real world challenges through SMART solutions, today announced the launch of their first mobile application, available in Google Play.

The Komunidad Mobile App enables 360° situational awareness and insights focusing on weather, environmental conditions and natural disasters and is currently free for download. The app will also be available for iOS soon.

“Komunidad’s mobile application aims to provide its users accessible and easily understood information on weather, environmental conditions, natural disasters and other hazards specific to places that matter to them most. Given that our country, as well as our neighbors in Asia are very much prone to hazards and disasters, our application aims to contribute to proactive preparedness and data driven decision making at a personal level, taking advantage of the mobile application space in providing localized risk assessments.” said Felix Ayque, founder and CEO.

“Our company believes that by making these information accessible, we empower citizens to have a safety first mindset, and thus enjoy the benefits by being able to use data in protecting their homes. They will be able to minimize risks as they go out or travel, enjoying lifestyle activities especially outdoors, ensuring safety as they go to work and contribute to the overall preparedness efforts of our society.”

The Komunidad Mobile App features:

  • Places that matter. Easy addition of places that matter to the user.
  • Risk assessments. Quick risk summary for favorite places.
  • Detailed risk assessments like current weather, forecast, air quality, severe weather, earthquakes, effects of weather to lifestyle and more.
  • Advisories and alerts. Public severe weather advisories are also included such as tropical cyclones and flood advisories from PAGASA and other reliable sources.
  • Users can view location images from Komunidad’s smart city community program.

Komunidad’s launch of the new app is the first step of the company to reach communities in a mobile approach. The company is dedicated to provide SMART Solutions to make everyday life easier, better and safer for society and enhance safety and operational efficiency of businesses.

Download the app here. 

To learn more, please visit https://www.komunidad.co/


About Komunidad

Komunidad is a technology company focusing on SMART solutions that help communities manage real world challenges. Offering solutions that include pre-defined datasets such as enhanced weather observations & forecast, severe weather, effects of weather to lifestyle, earthquakes, air quality, metocean data, local advisories, and can ingest more datasets based on customer needs. Komunidad is based in Legazpi City, Albay, Philippines. Connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn or visit https://www.komunidad.co/



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