Komunidad Launches Bulod, a Shared Natural Space

Bulod is a community program by Komunidad Innovations, a technology and social impact company based in Legazpi City, Albay, Philippines. “Bulod” translates to a mountain, in the local dialect. The program aims to empower the livelihood of rural communities by creating innovative collaborations that connect them with nature-loving individuals and organizations. It is a member-only community.
To become a member, a person or organization must contribute to the annual fund of unique natural spaces and is entitled to have monthly and annual benefits. The community program will improve the livelihood of rural communities by creating more work opportunities.

Bulod’s role is to facilitate and oversee the online crowdfunding and operations of this unique collaboration of nature, individuals, and communities. The funding in each space will be distributed to the community for utilities and facilities maintenance, farming activities, and additional capital for revenue-generating activities. Members get regular status updates including a financial summary and will be available on the website once a member.

Members will also be entitled to the following benefits:
• 2 to 3 days of access every month to tent pitching areas with basic facilities that are equipped with solar power for electricity and biogas for cooking.
• Free farm-to-table plant-based dining during the stay.
• Members including the farmers will get a share of the harvest and other potential revenue. Members have the option to just give their share to help the farmers.

Learn more about Bulod at https://bulod.co/


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