Fisheries is highly dependent on weather and climate, warmer water temperatures are likely to cause the habitat ranges of many fish and shellfish species to shift, which could disrupt ecosystems. Overall, climate change could make it more difficult to catch fish in the same ways and same places as we have done in the past. Also, natural disasters affect the fisheries sector in many different ways, they often lead to large numbers of casualties and cause tangible losses in the form of damaged and lost boats, gear, fish cages, aquaculture brood stock and other productive assets, destruction of infrastructure such as landing facilities, and loss of production, e.g. fish escaping from aquaculture ponds.
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The solution is currently under study/testing in the Philippines. Please contact us for more information.

The solution provides small port operators and fishermen insights focusing on marine weather conditions. Information such as wave height, period and direction of total sea state & swell,  wind speed & direction, air temperature, visibility, sea surface temperature, and ocean surface currents are available in the system.

Routes are also available and can either be made for a single location, or for a series of locations, which represent a route.  The resulting data therefore represent the forecast conditions experienced by a vessel travelling the route.

The solution is offered as a service model integrated to Komunidad’s set of applications.


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