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Traditional weather content such as temperature and rainfall are the bare minimum in today’s information rich society. Put events into context, relate them to your country or region and help your viewers to stay one step ahead. Climate change events are now a regular part of the news. Be ready to report on them fully and authoritatively.

The solution is provided by Komunidad and New Zealand MetService/ MetraWeather.

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Customer Highlight

The solution provides automated weather visualizations delivered daily. This contains local/global datasets and animated graphics giving viewers useful, easy to understand weather information to help them with their day-to-day decisions. The daily videos will become an important part of their daily routine and the sponsorship and advertising it generates will provide additional revenue.

The solution is offered as a service and video clips are delivered daily via FTP/SFTP or a direct feed to Komunidad’s set of applications. The videos can be used in websites, social media, smart tv, billboards, etc.


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