How Komunidad is Helping Renewable Power Producers in the Philippines

As the world continues to bear the brunt of imminent climate risk, rapidly increasing fuel prices and energy consumption, accelerating the transition of our energy sources to renewable climate positive options such as solar energy, biofuels and hydropower are gaining more worldwide support.  Transitioning to renewable energy, and reducing reliance on fossil fuels, is one […]

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Climate Change Resiliency: A Task for Government, Communities and Private Firms 

Even as the world is moving towards minimizing the impact of climate change in our countries, the work does not stop: States must ensure that communities that bore the brunt of the adverse effects of global warming must be more resilient. In Southeast Asia, 12 developing countries make up the region. And worse, their countries […]

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Weathering the Storm: How Southeast Asia Can Adapt to the Effects of Disasters

As a region sitting close to the equator, Southeast Asia mostly experiences predictable seasons–either hot, wet or dry. While the weather is colder in the Highlands, it is generally warmer in the communities. After three months of dryness and high humidity, Southeast Asian countries enter the monsoon season. While rains may give the cool respite […]

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Risks, Barriers & Limits: Strengthening the Philippines’ Climate Adaptation Capacities

Eight years after Super Typhoon Haiyan ravaged the Philippines, there’s still much to do in terms of building climate adaptation capacities. Komunidad explores where the country is at when it comes to strengthening adaptation strategies and what more can be done to ensure that it can cope with current and future effects of climate change.

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