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In a country with significant exposure to natural disasters, managing a nationwide business requires acknowledging the risks in every branch of operations. Creating a preparedness action plan can minimize the effects of natural disasters and is critical for operational efficiency, facilities/asset protection, personnel safety, and business continuity.
But what if you have 50, 100 or 1,000+ branches? This is a case where our solution automates the risk analysis of every branch of operations in real- time. Therefore, the preparedness action plans can be available online 24x7 anytime, anywhere.
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The solution for Banks or BPO’s with multiple branches is delivered as a web application that automates the natural disaster/hazard risk analysis of every branch of operations in real- time. Every branch will now have access to a web application that can support their day to day operations in terms of natural disaster/hazard preparedness.

The solution is offered as a service model powered by Komunidad, IBM Cloud, and IBM-The Weather Company. IBM Cloud offers the most open and secure public cloud for business, a next generation hybrid multicloud platform, advanced data and AI capabilities, and deep enterprise expertise across 20 industries.


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