Agriculture is highly dependent on weather and climate. Increases in temperature and carbon dioxide (CO2) can increase some crop yields in some places. But to realize these benefits, nutrient levels, soil moisture, water availability, and other conditions must also be met. Changes in the frequency and severity of droughts and floods could pose challenges for farmers and ranchers and threaten food safety. Overall, climate change could make it more difficult to grow crops and raise animals in the same ways and same places as we have done in the past. The effects of climate change also need to be considered along with other evolving factors that affect agricultural production, such as changes in farming practices and technology.
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The solution provides high-quality insights and location-specific information set to improve on-farm performance and safety. Data such as crop information, soil moisture, soil temperature, temperature inversion, enhanced weather observations & forecast, nowcast, seasonal forecast, weather imagery, lightning & thunderstorm, tropical cyclone & flood advisories, and more.

The solution may include setting up a Internet of Things (IOT) network, this can be soil senors, smart weather camera, automated weather stations, lightning detection sensors, and more.

The solution is offered as a service model integrated to Komunidad’s set of applications.


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