Komunidad was founded out of a growing need to enable and empower businesses and communities in Asia to be adaptive and resilient to environmental changes.

This goes beyond disaster preparedness and continuity; it also allows businesses and communities to thrive and function well in the face of our changing environment. By being climate ready, businesses and communities are in the best position to support themselves with human resources, financial assets, consistent access to raw materials and safety of people.

Our Story

The destruction left by Typhoon Haiyan (2013) in the Philippines led Komunidad founder Felix Ayque to develop ways to help businesses grow their capacities in mitigating the impact of severe weather on their operations.

He compiled reports and sent them as email alerts containing detailed analysis on cyclones that could potentially hit the country.

Today, Komunidad has evolved into an Asian leader in environmental intelligence, delivering understandable and actionable information to help different industries achieve sustainable operational outcomes within our changing climate reality.

Our Team

Felix Ayque
Chief Executive Officer
Allister Ayque, MCD
Chief Operations Officer
John Lequiron, MSc
Country Manager - Philippines
Meteorology & Data Science Director
Nigel Canonizado
Chief Technology Officer
Kaye Rosario-Sangalang
Director of Sustainability and Impact 
Michael Artadi
Business Development - SouthEast Asia
Anju James, MSc
Business Development - South Asia
Jerome Felicidario
Business Development - Public Sector, Philippines
Diana Arpon
Customer Success Manager
Eliezer Caccam
Solutions Development - Data Science & Marketplace
Earon Cabasal
Solutions Development - Data Science & Platform
Nesrin Al Barodi
Office Manager

Towards a climate-resilient future

Asian economies and communities are becoming increasingly vulnerable to climate risks, with dramatic surges in heat and humidity sweeping the region, and typhoon and flooding risks affecting many low-lying coastal communities.

According to McKinsey & Company’s report on climate risk and response in Asia, by 2050, the region may see increasing temperatures, lethal heat waves, droughts, severe hurricanes, extreme precipitation and changes in water supply.

These conditions will also impact Asian GDP, with more severe economic effects on Frontier and Emerging markets (India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, the Philippines and Thailand)

There’s a much bigger need for economies to adapt to and mitigate the effects of a warming world, focusing on protecting people and assets, reducing risks, and building climate and weather resilience.

Through our environmental intelligence platform, Komunidad is committed to building resilience while driving positive economic impact across Asia. By simplifying weather and climate data and making critical information highly scalable, the Komunidad platform empowers businesses and communities to plan and implement their own decision support tools efficiently and sustainably.
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