Growing Smart Communities

Komunidad aims to help businesses and communities manage real world challenges with SMART solutions through technological services.


We provide SMART solutions to make everyday life easier, better and safer for society and enhance safety and operational efficiency of businesses.

The solutions are delivered via sets of applications such as Community Website, Enterprise Application, and Native Mobile Application for various industries. Each solution includes pre-defined datasets such as weather observations & forecast, tropical cyclones, lightning & thunderstorm, earthquakes, air quality, metocean data, local advisories, and can ingest more datasets based on customer needs.

We also deliver and manage Internet of Things (IOT) sensor networks to enhance our solutions. Sensors such as weather cameras, mosquito surveillance, water buoy, earthquake monitoring, severe weather outdoor alerting, and more.


Local Government

Banks & BPO

Digital Media




Consultancy Services

Modelling Expertise, Analysis, and Advice


Together with our global partners, our customers can get expert scientific teams to gain a thorough understanding of the meteorological and oceanographic processes relevant to their projects. We run state-of-the-art numerical models in-house and have extensive experience working across a wide range of environments, applying the latest tools and analytical techniques.

This covers data collection, numerical modelling, targeted data analysis, weather analysis, metocean site reports, weeather downtime reports, specialist marine weather forecasts, marine route analysis, tropical cyclone analysis, custom web applications, and more.  

Sensor Network Delivery and Operations & Maintenance Services


Our team have years of experience in installation and management of sensor and Internet of Things (IOT) networks on a city and nationwide scale. We evaluate projects and apply best practices to implement and operate complex IOT sensor networks with a pool of field operations & maintenance engineers, staff, and experts.

Our previous experience includes building and operating a nationwide weather station network, nationwide lightning detection network, city IOT smart weather camera network, city mosquito surveillance network, city smart water buoy network, and city severe weather outdoor alerting network.

Consulting Services for Corporate Social Responsibility


Community development refers to initiatives undertaken by communities with partnership from external organizations or corporations to empower individuals and groups of people by providing these groups with the skills they need to effect change in their own communities. Through our corporate social responsibility consulting service, we support businesses conduct their CSR assessments, develop a CSR strategy, implement CSR commitments, and develop monitoring and evaluation mechanisms for measuring progress and impact in the technology sphere.

Our consulting service enables companies to be in one with their communities and is conducted in a variety of internal activities such as consultations, workshops, documentary reviews, research, and planning. It also involves external activities such community assessments and visits, and implementation support of actual programs in the field.

Consulting Services for Weather and Disaster Risk Reduction


Planning for disasters can help you protect your business and achieve economic resilience. With the Philippines being at high risk from various hazards of typhoons, earthquakes, floods, and landslides to name a few, ensuring that your business is safe is a must.

This consulting service aims to help your business become prepared during disasters by identifying risks that may negatively affect your day to day operations. This service also aims to make your employees understand disasters, and know what to do when a hazard strikes within their homes and the workplace. It will also provide tips on re-assessing post disaster impact and next steps towards recovery.

This service is intended for businesses and company heads, business continuity managers, and employees and is conducted via series of trainings, planning sessions and workshops crafted into company disaster risk reduction plans and programs towards business continuity.


We have completed projects within the Government and Private sector. These projects are implemented for community natural disaster preparedness, operational efficiency, and business continuity planning  purposes.

We are also conducting ongoing studies/testing related to our focus areas.

Community-Based Disaster Visibility Information System for Taguig City

As part of Taguig City’s SMART CITY projects, 100+ Smart Weather Cameras (Sensors) are installed within Barangays, Schools, Health Centers, and Government Offices. The sensors allows communities to view realtime images every 5 minutes within specific locations at Taguig City.  Barangay-specific datasets were also added such as weather forecast, tropical cyclone forecast, earthquakes, automated weather videos, and more, allowing each community to have access to Barangay-specific risk assessments. View the Project Launch Video for more information.



Weather Intelligence for SN-Aboitiz Power (SNAP)

Weather intelligence for SN Aboitiz Power (SNAP) specifically for input for demand forecasting, weather monitoring for watersheds, load centers temperature insight, and research for extreme events causing extreme loss.



Business Continuity Planning (BCP) tool for ANZ Global Services and Operations (Manila), Inc.

Severe weather reporting service and multi hazard decision support tools for ANZ Global Services and Operations (Manila), Inc., used for workforce management, business continuity planning, operational efficiency, and employee safety.



Business Continuity Planning (BCP) tool for CCAP member companies (BPO)

In partnership with Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP),  Komunidad is now used as a supporting tool for Business Continuity Planning by more than 70+ CCAP members, companies such as ANZ, CapitalOne, AMEX, QBE, E*Trade, GlobalPayments, Teletech, Telus, InfoSys, Realpage, and more. It is mostly used for workforce management, business continuity planning, operational efficiency, and employee safety.



Smart Mosquito Surveillance System for Communities

Uses state-of-the-art IoT technology to alert public authorities regarding location, density and type of mosquito population. In partnership with TrakitNow Inc., a US/India based company, we are now conducting tests and plan to deploy a few sensors to Local Government Units (LGUs).

The light & audio sensors capture the mosquito wing beat frequency and the Artificial Intelligence layer identifies mosquito species and gender based on the frequencies. All of this information is processed in a proprietary cloud based system and available via a web Dashboard.

Our objective is to implement a Smart Mosquito Surveillance Sensor Network that will monitor mosquito activity in the communities to enhance surveillance capabilities and to enable Smart fumigation.



Wave and Wind Monitoring & Alerting for Coastal and Fishing Communities

Deployment of IOT water buoy network and marine datasets integrated to the Komunidad community application for Marine Weather, Environmental Monitoring, Rescue, and Recreation. The data produced by the network will be used to help citizens in coastal communities most especially our fishermen.




You can make a difference by investing in technology for your personal use, business, or community service.

If you join our program, you will get discounted rates for sensors, machines, and other equipments. We will provide 24×7 FREE Access to natural disaster & hazard risk analysis in locations that matter most – this can be viewed in our Community Map.

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Komunidad is a mobile application that allows users in the Philippines to view natural disaster & hazard risk analysis in locations that matter most. Impormasyon ukol sa mga nangyayari sa iyong location, posibleng panganib, at babala ng kalamidad.

Our Team

Felix Ayque
Chief Executive Officer

Felix has handled weather & natural disaster related information solutions/projects in the Asia Pacific region working for US, Europe, New Zealand commercial weather companies. He has done a lot of work building and supporting local sensor networks in the Philippines related to weather, lightning & thunderstorms, earthquake, air quality, location visibility, and more. Felix is now focus on solutions with social impact in the Philippines. 

Ayi Ayque
Chief Operating Officer

Allister (Ayi) Ayque had most of his experience in the non-profit sector, having progressive roles and expertise in the fields of social inclusion, education, disaster risk reduction and community development. Allister holds a Master of Community Development degree from University of the Philippines-Diliman, College of Social Work and Community Development, where he is also currently enrolled in the Doctor of Social Development Program.

Jamie Santos-Ayque
Marketing Director

Jamie is a self-published author, retail entrepreneur, writer and digital marketer with years of experience in diverse industries, including advertising, IT-BPO, real estate, banking & finance and outsourcing. She has pioneered several start-up marketing teams in the country and headed several digital and traditional campaigns, both in the local and international market.

Nikki Requiero
Community Director

Nikki is an experienced Social Media Manager and Content Writer having worked in the agriculture, life sciences, FMCG and e-learning industries for global companies having handled both local and international teams. With a background in both traditional and digital marketing, Nikki is focused on helping businesses navigate and strategise the ever-changing social media landscape.


Komunidad aims to help businesses and communities manage real world challenges with SMART solutions through technological services.

To provide SMART Solutions to make everyday life easier, better and safer for society and enhance safety and operational efficiency of businesses.

Our services are available in Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Indonesia.

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