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Helping nations, communities and businesses manage real world challenges with SMART solutions.

Industry Solutions

We provide SMART solutions to make everyday life easier, better and safer for society and enhance safety and operational efficiency of businesses.

We deliver Industry solutions thru web & mobile applications and data delivery. These applications contain pre-defined modules, dashboards and reports related to weather, environmental conditions and natural disasters.

We work with multiple datasets based on the needs of customers. Our proprietary platform can quickly develop new modules and integrate multiple datasets to provide the best and cost effective solution to the customer.

Local Government

Banks & BPO





More than just a weather app

The mobile application focuses on places that matter to individuals and business. Each place contains set of widgets for impact based risk analysis. The mobile application is offered FREE / PREMIUM to consumers and custom implementation to enterprise customers.

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A platform for data display, reporting and custom development

Komunidad’s Enterprise Edition is a web application that contains pre-defined modules and aggregated datasets suited for management of multiple branch of operations. One of the advanced features of the application is the quick development of new modules and automated reporting to fit customer needs.

Download the User Guide for more information.

  Pre-defined modules

Pre-defined modules such as enhanced weather observations & forecast, nowcast, severe weather, air quality, earthquakes, local government advisories and standard map layers.

  Custom Modules

Quick development of new modules and ingestion of additional datasets specific to client requirements.


Development and automation of reports in various formats specific to client  requirements (.pdf, .txt, .csv, .docx and more).

  Data delivery

Delivery of specific data requirements such as APIs, custom datasets and more. 

Websites that empower communities

Komunidad’s Community Edition is a website with dashboards suited for public use. It is commonly used by local governments to empower citizens and government stakeholders for community based natural disaster preparedness. The website can easily create dashboards for each location in the community (ex: schools, health centers, government offices and more).

Visit Taguig City community website to experience the system.

  Public dashboards

Public website pages containing enhanced weather observations & forecast, nowcast, severe weather, effects of weather to lifestyle, air quality, earthquakes, and more. 

  Alerts & advisories

Site specific weather advisories and early warning alerts for severe weather (sent via email to all registered locations in the community).

  Community map

A public map that displays smart weather cameras and severe weather early warning.

  Weather broadcasting

Automated weather visualizations / video clips delivered daily for TV broadcasting, social media, smartTV, billboards and more. 

Innovative Community Programs

The BULOD program aims to empower the livelihood of rural communities by creating innovative collaborations that connect them with nature loving individuals and organizations.

You become a member by contributing to the annual fund of unique natural spaces. You become part of its operations and entitled to have monthly and annual benefits. You help improve the livelihood of rural communities by creating more work opportunities.

The AYOWTI program aims to deploy network of IOT sensors that can help communities manage various challenges. The program requires citizens to host these sensors for the benefit of their communities.  Currently we are seeking 150 Hosts to deploy our Smart Weather Cameras in the Philippines. 

If you join our program, we will give you a FREE SMART Weather Camera, and  your community will get a webpage that enables 360° situational awareness and insights focusing on weather, environmental conditions and natural disasters.

Recent Customers

Case studies

Community-Based Disaster Visibility Information System for Taguig City

Industry: Local Government   |   Application: Community Edition

As part of Taguig City’s SMART CITY projects, 100+ Smart Weather Cameras (Sensors) are installed within Barangays, Schools, Health Centers, and Government Offices. The sensors allows communities to view realtime images every 5 minutes within specific locations at Taguig City.  Barangay-specific datasets were also added such as weather forecast, tropical cyclone forecast, earthquakes, automated weather videos, and more, allowing each community to have access to Barangay-specific risk assessments. View the Project Launch Video for more information.

Weather Intelligence for SN-Aboitiz Power (SNAP)

Industry: Utilities |   Application: Enterprise Edition

Weather intelligence for SN Aboitiz Power (SNAP) specifically for input for demand forecasting, weather monitoring for watersheds, load centers temperature insight, and research for extreme events causing extreme loss.

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) tool for ANZ Global Services and Operations (Manila), Inc.

Industry: Banks & BPO  |   Application: Enterprise Edition

Severe weather reporting service and multi hazard decision support tools for ANZ Global Services and Operations (Manila), Inc., used for workforce management, business continuity planning, operational efficiency, and employee safety.

Smart Mosquito Surveillance System for Communities

Industry: Local Government   |   Status: R&D

Uses state-of-the-art IoT technology to alert public authorities regarding location, density and type of mosquito population. In partnership with TrakitNow Inc., a US/India based company, we are now conducting tests and plan to deploy a few sensors to Local Government Units (LGUs).

The light & audio sensors capture the mosquito wing beat frequency and the Artificial Intelligence layer identifies mosquito species and gender based on the frequencies. All of this information is processed in a proprietary cloud based system and available via a web Dashboard.

Our objective is to implement a Smart Mosquito Surveillance Sensor Network that will monitor mosquito activity in the communities to enhance surveillance capabilities and to enable Smart fumigation.

Wave and Wind Monitoring & Alerting for Coastal and Fishing Communities

Industry: Local Government   |   Status: R&D

Deployment of IOT water buoy network and marine datasets integrated to the Komunidad community application for Marine Weather, Environmental Monitoring, Rescue, and Recreation. The data produced by the network will be used to help citizens in coastal communities most especially our fishermen.

What customers say

Komunidad’s weather forecast and decision support tools provides us critical information on how our company will prepare for a possible disruption of business. It is composed of a great team that provides essential service to different companies.

A great team that provides essential service.
John Von Cruz, ANZ GSO (Manila) Inc., Head of Business Continuity and Security

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Komunidad aims to help businesses and communities manage real world challenges with SMART solutions through technological services.

To provide SMART Solutions to make everyday life easier, better and safer for society and enhance safety and operational efficiency of businesses.

Available in Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

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