The best tool available to manage communities

Connect with them and have peace of mind

Communicate fast and easy, not like if we're medieval

Remember when you needed to notify your community using printed memos and sliding them below the door? Well, those days are over.

We're on the 21st century now, so why we keep posting notes on blackboards and sending printed memos? Komunidad gives you all the tools that you need to communicate efficiently and effectively with your community.

Managing communities shouldn't be hard, Komunidad simplifies it

We know that the community leaders always have the spotlight in their heads. You're responsible for making everything look and work great, people want results. Well, we're going to tell you a secret...communication is the key.

Komunidad will help you to communicate efficiently with your community, so you can reduce your stress levels by knowing that everybody is in the same page.


Environment friendly

Still using printed sheets of paper for communicating with your community? How last century is that? Now think on how many trees had died because you had to send a simple notice or reminder... *sigh*...poor nature.

With Komunidad you help to save the planet by not using paper and also save a ton of money in reduced costs. The trees will thank you!


Make sure your community never miss an appointment again

How many times did you invited your community to some event and only a few people showed up? That makes us very sad :’(

With Komunidad you can automatically notify your community using SMS and Email, so you won't hear the old excuses..."I didn't remember", "Nobody told me that my deadline was yesterday", "I didn't see the blackboard messsage"...from now on, you can notify everyone with a couple of clicks.

Know your community and it's members

Knowing your community in depth is priceless. With Komunidad you can categorize and tag your community members in any way you like.

You can even send notifications only to the people that you want, “debtors”, “residents”, “dev team”, or whatever you want in your community.


Your community, your data

We take security very seriously. We understand that you manage sensitive data. We understand that your data is yours and it doesn't belong to anyone else.

When you delete something, it's deleted and if you ever want to cancel your account, you're free to export your data as spreadsheets so you can use it later.

We will NEVER share or sell your data. Period.